Spider-Man’s New Game Plus Is Here

If you've already completed Insomniac's Spider-Man game, there's now a reason to swing back in. The long-promised New Game+ for Spider-Man was made available via a free update today. Now those who have completed the campaign can jump back in and play it again. In addition to the New Game Plus Mode, a new "Ultimate" difficulty setting has also been added to the game. Here's what you'll be greeted with when you update your game file right now.

Spider-Man wall crawling

The New Game Plus was promised early on and was actually expected to ship with the initial game, however, Insomniac Games decided that the mode wasn't quite ready for launch day, and was held back. Insomniac had stayed quiet about a specific launch date, and didn't officially announce this update was coming, but here it is.

While I've only briefly scratched the surface of the New Game Plus mode, it works the way most modes of this type do. All the gadgets, upgrades to gadgets, suits, and skills that you had at the end of the base game are unlocked at the beginning of New Game Plus. You get to choose a new difficulty setting, so you can give the new Ultimate mode a try alongside the new New Game Plus if you're feeling up to it. Which, since most early combat is going to be a breeze with all your abilities unlocked, isn't a bad idea.

Campaign Progress starts at 0% and the map is blacked out again, which means you'll need to do everything again. Since pretty much everything that was part of the original game was fun, that's not a problem. There's nothing like the 300 random Riddler trophies from the Batman: Arkham games found here. There was a reason that series didn't make you collect all of them twice.

It also means, however, that completing all the various objectives in the game will reward you with more of the various tokens in the game. If there were suits or upgrades that you didn't unlock the first time around because you had trouble obtaining all that you needed, you should be able to get more of everything in the New Game Plus.

Of course, in the end, the best benefit is simply an excuse to continue playing Spider-Man, while playing around with all of the game's various toys. Sure, you could take down a Fisk warehouse again and again, but the story of Spider-Man is solid and it's just nice to be able to play it again.

If nothing else, this will give gamers something to do for the weekend and possibly beyond. As long as you have the new Game Plus done in time for the release of the first DLC, which will be out Tuesday, you're good.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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