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There's a healthy cross-section of people who play video games and also watch sports, so it makes sense that ESPN would finally bring its own streaming service to game consoles. If you're already a subscriber, or want to sign up, you can now dig into everything from football and soccer to baseball and hockey, straight from your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

If you're looking for a new way to watch sports aplenty, ESPN+ might be worth looking into. Variety has it pegged as $4.99 a month or $49.99 for the year and, now that the streaming app is available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you don't need to switch between devices to go from playing Red Dead Redemption II or Black Ops 4 to watching some college football action.

ESPN+ is already available on the usual crop of devices, including smartphones, tablets and TV-tethered devices like Roku and Amazon Fire. If you're already a subscriber to the service and have been using the app on any of those other platforms, you can now download the app on your games console, sign in and watch your soccer matches there instead.

As for what content is available through ESPN+, it's actually a pretty robust offering. For starters, all of ESPN's original content is up for grabs, including the 30 for 30 series and documentaries like Enhanced and Last Days of Knight. Another big addition will be introduced in 2019, which is UFC matches.

In the sports department, you can catch live or replay matches from MLB and NHL, as well as oodles of college sports showdowns in every sport imaginable. Soccer is also a big focus, with domestic and international matches from leagues such as MLS, UEFA Nations League, and the FA Cup. Exclusive boxing matches are also on the roster, as well as Grand Slam tennis competitions, rugby, and even cricket. If it's something shown on an ESPN channel, you'll likely find it on ESPN+. And, again, on top of watching many of these selections live, everything else is archived and ready for you to watch whenever you find the time.

As noted in the original post, ESPN+ is something of a pilot run for Disney, which will be launching a new major service for films and shows sometime late next year. ESPN+ is the evolution of ESPN Insider, with the new app taking over as the sports broadcaster's direct-to-consumer service in April of this year. By September, they had reached more than a million subscribers, so it seems like the service is off to a strong start.

If you're already an ESPN+ subscriber, feel free to let us know what you think of the service in the comments below.

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