Square Enix Is Apparently Already Working ON PlayStation 5 Games

The cast of Final Fantasy 15.

If you need any further proof that the next generation of games consoles is just over the horizon, a Square Enix employee recently let slip that they are currently working on a new game for the PlayStation 5.

A lot has been going on at Square Enix in recent weeks, but this latest development isn't even coming from the developer/publisher directly. Instead, IGN is reporting on details pulled from the Linkedin profile of Tomohiro Tokoro, who included a "new AAA title for PS5" in their list of ongoing projects. That listing has since been removed, likely because it has begun to garner some publicity.

It seems reasonable to assume that Square Enix, along with many other major developers, is working on games for the next console generation at this point. For now, though, everyone is just supposed to pretend that's not the case. I understand that it's important to manage expectations and there's a certain ebb and flow publishers want to maintain concerning game announcements and launches, but seeing a lead artist like Tokoro have to basically say, "JK, LOL" to something on their Linkedin profile is kind of humorous, especially when the listing was so vague in the first place.

Obviously, there are no additional details as to what game Tokoro was referencing, so feel free to speculate in the comments below. Instead, this all plays out as if Tanaka is sitting next to Square Enix at the dinner table and has been asked what he's up to these days. Tanaka's response was "Oh, I'm working on a game for the PS5." That was followed by the bump and clatter of Tanaka clearly being kicked under the table by Square Enix, forcing him to amend his response to, "I mean, a game. Just a game. Not anything in particular. Definitely not a next-gen game, though."

Tokoro works for Square Enix's Luminous Productions, which was established by Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata specifically to make AAA games. Tabata recently left the studio, though, which seems to have thrown a few things into turmoil. All but one of the planned DLC packs remaining for the latest Final Fantasy, for instance, has been canceled. It can be safely assumed, then, that the attention has been shifted from those FFXV projects to something else, but definitely not a PS5 game.

In other news, the PlayStation 4 is currently celebrating its fifth birthday, which is honestly kind of hard to believe. It's at this point in a console's life cycle that we typically gear up for the next batch of hardware, but things are moving a bit slower than expected for everyone but Nintendo right now. That's not an assessment of the market or anything, just a statement that neither Sony nor Microsoft seemed eager to rush a new piece of hardware out the door this time around, probably because they both introduced enhanced versions of their respective consoles in recent years.

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