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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update Will Fix The Black Market

A Black Ops operative skin.

The latest season of content deployed for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4 today and, with it, Treyarch appears to have addressed some highly requested issues with the game's Black Market. You'll have fewer tiers to grind through, a clearer path to rewards and some other quality of life changes are being thrown in for good measure.

Treyarch teased its second season of content, "Operation Absolute Zero," earlier this week and, as of now, the update is live on Sony's console. Don't fret if you're playing on another platform, as the update will be heading your way shortly as well. Treyarch and Sony are besties this console generation, hence the early PlayStation access.

As noted by the folks over at Polygon, the developer is already making some much-needed adjustments to the in-game rewards program, along with several other nice additions. For starters, the number of tiers players can work through has been shrunk from 200 to 100, and the time it takes you to get through those tiers has been reduced. The number of hours players needed to commit to get through the first season's reward tiers was ridiculous, so it's nice to see that process get condensed by a sound margin. You'll still have plenty of grinding ahead of you if you want to unlock everything a season has to offer, but not to the point where you basically need to be playing Black Ops as a full-time job.

Another nice tweak to the new season of content is that you will now be able to see exactly what you can unlock as you move through the ranks. Expect some new weapons along the way, skins and a whole bunch of other cosmetic items. And, if you're worried that you might somehow run out of things to unlock over the next couple of months, Treyarch has you covered in the form of "reserves." These reward tiers are more like the loot boxes you might expect out of a modern "games as service" title but, again, they're thrown in as extra rewards at each level past the initial 100.

As noted above, there are some pretty choice rewards included in this season's tiers. The first tier will actually grant you access to a brand new Operative, Zero. That's a nice way of making sure pretty much anyone who owns the game can get their hands on the most important reward without having to play more than a couple of rounds online in the coming weeks. Zero has the ability to hack enemy players, creating distractions that should throw a monkey wrench or two into their plans. Also, a couple of new weapons can be found listed in the reward tiers, including a pretty hilarious "Secret Santa" melee weapon, as well as the Daemon 3XB SMG and the new assault rifle, the SWAT RFT.

As for you Zombies players, you'll be able to unlock a reward tier daily by making your way through a 15-round match, which finally gives players more reasons to keep dipping back into the cooperative undead blast-a-thon.

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