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Wrecking Ball lives up to its name in Overwatch.

You get a loot box! And you get a loot box! Everyone gets a loot box! Actually, if you're playing Overwatch, everyone gets five loot boxes. Happy holidays from Blizzard, indeed.

For those of you still grinding away at Overwatch, dreaming of the day you'll be called up to join the pros (or maybe you just like playing the game from time to time because it's fun), Blizzard has decided to fill your holiday stocking with plenty of loot. You don't have a heck of a lot of time to claim your gratis goodies but, thankfully, the process to earn your sweet rewards is hella simple.

The next time you log into Overwatch between now and Jan. 2, Gameinformer is reporting that you'll earn yourself five loot boxes just for showing up. Once you see the message announcing the gifts have arrived, all you have to do is head into your inventory, open them up and see what Sombra Claus has delivered.

As you might have guessed, the five free loot boxes everyone who plays the game receives are themed after the ongoing Winter Wonderland event. Even if you aren't too keen on the wintry wares, it's hard to argue with five bundles of skins, sprays and the like.

Along with the sprays and skins, you can also expect to uncover things like emotes and victory lines. The skins include everything from Krampus Junkrat and Suger Plum Fairy Mercy to Figure Skater Symmetra and Scrooge McCree.

And once you've decked your halls with a bunch of sweet new gear, it's time to jump into a more festive take on Blizzard's insanely popular hero shooter. Two special game modes are available throughout the Winter Wonderland event, including Yeti Hunter and Mei's Snowball Offensive. In Yeti Hunter, one player takes on the role of a souped-up Winston while five other players hit the map as Mei, who also has a new trap ability. The Winston player is supposed to hunt down steaks to charge up a special ability, making this a fun and frantic asymmetrical tussle.

In Mei's Snowball Offensive, players can fire massive, one-hit snowballs to take out their opponents. If you miss your shot, though, you'll be extremely vulnerable the only way to refill your ammo is to find the nearest pile of fresh powder.

Also helping make Overwatch more festive for the next few days are redesigned maps. A holiday theme has been added to Blizzard World, Black Forest, King's Row and Hanamura, so be sure to get in some matches to check out all of the snow and twinkling lights.

Now that the gift-giving is out of the way, it's time for everyone to sit around and patiently wait for season two of Overwatch League to kick into high gear.

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