5 Big Questions The Fallout 4 Trailer Leaves Us With

Fallout 4's first trailer debuted this morning with three minutes of gameplay footage from the post-apocalyptic. While the trailer confirmed some key details like the setting, it also raised a number of important questions.

Here are the biggest mysteries left to be solved. Hopefully Bethesda will clear them up at their E3 press conference in two weeks:


Has The Enclave Returned?

At one point in the trailer, we see a Vertibird land in a clearing. This aircraft is most closely associated with the Enclave, a militant organization with roots in the pre-War United States government. They were weakened substantially by the events of Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 but given their tremendous resources, it's hard to imagine that they're totally wiped out. It wouldn't surprise me if they're operating in the Boston area as well. Maybe they won't be the primary villain this time around but a cameo seems plausible.

Gas station in Fallout 4

Does The Player Have A Base?

The trailer and first screenshot both show a gas station loaded with weaponry. A laser rifle, minigun and a set of power armor are all visible. The only person we see nearby is the Vault Dweller. That made me wonder whether this is supposed to be his base of operations. This wouldn't be the first time Fallout players got their own house; they could unlock one of two homes during the main campaign of Fallout 3. This gas station seems like it could fill the same role. It has plenty of tools so it seems like an ideal place for them to build or modify equipment.

Zeppelin above Paul Revere statue in Fallout 4

Will We Get Our Own Vehicle?

Fallout 4's gameplay footage showed us several vehicles, such as a sailboat outfitted with futuristic technology and a zeppelin soaring above Boston. While we'll no doubt hitch a ride on at least one of them during the campaign, will we ever get to pilot them? Aside from a car in Fallout 2, players have been forced to travel on foot throughout the whole series. It would be great to some middle ground between walking and Quick Travel, so we can quickly explore undiscovered territory. A flying vehicle might take the danger out of the game so maybe Bethesda will at least let us fix up an old car.

Suburbs before apocalypse

How Much Of The Pre-Apocalypse Will We See?

The trailer flashes back and forth between the pre- and post-apocalyptic periods. We saw a lot of footage of suburban residents fleeing to Vault 111 on the day of the nuclear strikes. Will we get to experience that mad scramble firsthand? Throughout the series, we've seen very little of the world before the nuclear war and we're overdue for a look at the past. I think it would make the apocalyptic wasteland feel even more desolate and unforgiving to know how nice some of these locations looked before the bombs began dropping.

Ghouls attack in store

Will V.A.T.S. Return?

The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System was a key component of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas' combat. It allowed players to pause the action and queue up their attacks. The only glimpse of combat we saw in the Fallout 4 trailer was a group of ghouls charging the player in a grocery store. The trailer cut away to a different scene before we could see whether or not V.A.T.S. will be a part of the combat for FO4. I doubt Bethesda will scrap the system altogether and go with real-time-only combat but I'm sure we'll see some significant changes to the feature nonetheless.

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