Movies have long inspired video game creators. In some cases, developers went too far and turned their games into little more than movies with worse acting. The full motion video games from Sega CD like Ground Zero: Texas and Mad Dog McCree still give me nightmares.

However, other developers struck a smart balance. They were inspired by movies but didn't merely copy them. Instead, these studios fused the story-telling style of their favorite films with top-notch gameplay. In doing so, they created truly unique and memorable experiences:

Uncharted 2
The Uncharted series unquestionably owes a debt to Indiana Jones. Each game follows a treasure hunter who can't shave as he races to find some fabled relic before his less ethical rivals can do the same. Said rivals end up beating him to the treasure, but in doing so unleash some kind of supernatural evil that our hero then has to contain. Nonetheless, Uncharted 2 showed that you can tell a great story even while you're biting someone else's style. Nathan Drake's adventure to Shambhala checks off every item on the Indiana Jones checklist (violent autocrats, sexual tension with female companion and daring escapes from crumbling temples) but does so with such verve and skill that Uncharted is now far more than a clone. At the very least, it's now a part-owner of the entire treasure hunting genre.

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