Yesterday marked the day that Xbox officially announced they were stopping production of the Xbox 360. While the games will still be playable and Xbox Live will still be fully functional, all newer games from now on will be created for the Xbox One. Though we haven’t entirely lost the Xbox 360, it now stands as a relic of an era where first-person shooters like Halo became a phenomenon. It now takes it place on the shelf next to the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox—while the consoles are still played, they’ll remain as they are: pristine, outdated and never forgotten. So to celebrate the life of Xbox 360, here are my most memorable moments from when I owned a Halo Reach Special Edition Xbox 360. 

1. Halo 2
The first time I ever played Halo, it was the first week of college and classes hadn’t started yet. In high school I was a good kid—I never drank or smoked. But on this particular night, I don’t know what made me decide to try a drink. Maybe because I wanted to fit in. I think this is a good moment to mention I’m only 4’11, so when I knocked one back in a matter of minutes (it’s instinctual when you’re focused on a video game), I was pretty gone. Unfortunately, my headset and mic were turned on so I was screaming at everyone in vulgar tones and speaking like I had inhabited the body of a psycho. Yeah, I was that person. Nowadays, the smart people mute those kinds of players. 

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