When we think of video game censorship, we generally think of politicians or cable news pundits complaining about violence or sexual content. However, there have been a lot of cases where games were changed or banned outright for more unusual reasons.

Here are some of the strangest examples of censorship from throughout the world.

Final Fight
Final Fight
Nintendo had a tendency in the eighties and nineties to over-edit their games before releasing them overseas to maintain their family-friendly image. Final Fight is one of the best examples of how this strategy often resulted in nonsensical changes. For the game's SNES release here in the West, black enemies were given lighter skin. Trans criminals Roxy and Poison were changed into male thugs "Billy" and "Sid." Instead of grabbing whiskey to regain health, players could grab "vitamine." My personal favorite change, though, was to the boss Belger. Instead of fighting you in a wheel chair, he now fights you while riding a chair with...slightly smaller wheels. I'm still not sure why they thought these changes would make the game more palatable to a Western release. If Japanese gamers could handle the original version, why couldn't we?

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