Far Cry Primal is the next chapter in the Far Cry series and takes place in 10,000 B.C., a time when guns and other high-tech weapons didn’t exist. Instead, all you’ve gone are natural resources and a trusty bow and arrow to help you survive the brutal wilderness as you work to build the Wenja civilization. But surviving in Far Cry Primal isn’t always so easy. Here are six tips to help you survive the prehistoric age.

1. Fire Should Be Your Best Friend
Fire has many uses in Far Cry Primal. I can tell you that I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. First of all, fire can be used as a weapon and it is so useful. If you want to use fire against an enemy, you can light your weapons on fire using animal fat. And you get animal fat from hunting. For example, you can choose to ignite your arrow and then shoot an arrow at an enemy, which immediately puts him down. But you have to be careful because sometimes you can also ignite the area around you. I accidentally burned down a man’s hut trying to kill a boar. Another use for fire is guidance through the dark at night. You’ll be running around a lot at night to hunt and find rare resources and more often you’ll get attacked at night too. Fire not only guides you through the thick forests, but also can be used as a weapon against vicious animals like wolves. They won’t mess with you if you wave wire at them.
2. Use Hunter Vision
I can’t stress enough how important it is to get used to using your Hunter Vision. During the day, everything can look the same and animals might blend in with the grass around them. At night, it’s even harder to see things lurking in the dark, so your Hunter Vision will help in not only hunting, but getting you around at night. A lot of times in the day when I am doing missions, I won’t use Hunter Vision too much because there’s not much of a need for it. But don’t forget, Hunter Vision will also show you clues that you might not see in the daytime, like footprints. It’s always a good idea to give it a click every now and then.
3. Tame Bigger And More Violent Beasts When You Can
The more you improve your beast taming capabilities, the more powerful you will be as a hunter. The first animal you get to tame in the game is a wolf and even having that wolf around greatly improves your hunting capabilities. When I was too lazy, I’d just whistle ahead and let my wolf take care of the couple enemies. So you want to keep up with upgrading skills and finding new and bigger enemies to tame. You might have grown attached to that wolf, but trust me, you’ll be even more attached to something like the sabre tooth tiger after you see what he can do to an enemy.
4. Don’t Forget About Your Owl
I noticed while playing that it’s easy to forget you can use your owl to gain insight into what lies ahead. And if there are enemies nearby, the owl can drop bombs on them or command a beast to attack. This way, you don’t even have to come in contact with the enemies yourself. So don’t forget to use your owl to scout out the area up ahead. Because one day you just may be glad you did.
5. Strike Enemies At Night
Enemies tend to rest or sleep at night and are left vulnerable, so it’s always best to attack enemies at night. This way you can get the jump on them and catch them by surprise so they aren’t ready for you. It also helps that you are cloaked in darkness and can sneak around the forest with ease. Even though the night may be more dangerous to skulk around in, sometimes it can be way more rewarding.
6. Choose Your Battles Wisely
One mistake you are surely bound to make while playing as Takkar in Far Cry Primal is approaching a large predator thinking you’ve got the balls to get it distracted so you can tame it. Most of the time, this won’t go well for you. I made the mistake of thinking I could take out a bear when I first started traversing the area. My little club did very little damage and the beast took me—and my wolf— out in a matter of seconds. Swallow your pride and have the decency to avoid the fights you know you can’t win.

Hopefully these tips will help you survive a little longer in the prehistoric world of Far Cry Primal.
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