Far Cry games have a reputation for being beautifully brutal—and players have responded well. It seems with each passing year and each new installment, Far Cry games get a little crazier and a little more experimental. But with Far Cry Primal, I think they’ve really outdone themselves. In order to introduce the concept of the new game, check out the newest trailer below.

1. Become A Beastmaster
Maybe the best part about Far Cry Primal is the opportunity to be able to tame wild, prehistoric beasts and ride them like horses as a Beastmaster. The main character, Takkar, has the ability to tame beasts which can include sabre-tooth tigers, dire wolves, cave lions, cave bears, leopards, jaguars, wooly mammoths, wooly rhinos, terror birds, andrewsarchus, paraceratherium, enteledonts, propaleoatherium, giant sloth and gastornis. Yeah, that’s quite a list. Some of those animals’ names are even hard to pronounce. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game that was set in prehistoric times that impressed me. That particular time period is not my favorite. I’ve always been more of a medieval gal, but I can honestly say Far Cry Primal looks so very intriguing. It has an almost RPG element where you get to live this life through Takkar in the brutal prehistoric times, where it was more important than anything to survive. If you want the full rundown of all of the tameable animals in Far Cry Primal, you can check out this video I found below.

2. There Is No Limit To Brutality
I can always appreciate a video game when it delivers a unique experience. In Far Cry Primal’s case, how often do you get to play in the brutal prehistoric time period? Not only can you tame and command your beasts to tear apart your enemy, but you can also take hold of prehistoric weapons like a bow and arrow, a spear and more. What’s great about creating video games in this time period is there is no mercy for those who are weak. There is only survival. And if you can’t survive, you will fall behind and die. I don’t understand why more video games haven’t created a true gameplay experience in the prehistoric age, but I’m sure glad Far Cry Primal has taken advantage of it.

3. You'll Get A Bird's Eye View
And finally, Takkar has an owl that can be utilized in the game in a way that is different from the tameable animals. The owl’s purpose is to be your eyes on the area. Takkar can send up the owl to get a perspective in the surroundings from the air, something that is typically not possible in video games since characters are usually played from the ground. Flying around in the sky as the owl, you can zoom in on the happenings below and mark a target for your tamed animals to attack. It’s maybe one of the most useful tools in all of Far Cry Primal.

There’s probably a lot I’m not covering about why to get excited for Far Cry Primal, but it’s just enough to tease you into trying out the game. I enjoy when a developer takes a unique idea and runs with it, but the only thing missing now is dinosaurs.

Far Cry Primal will be releasing on February 23 onto PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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