During Bethesda's E3 2015 stage conference they unveiled tons of details about lots of highly anticipated games. One of those games was Doom. Now I was really worried about this game because it's easy to completely trip, fall and ruin a perfectly good franchise, but Bethesda and id Software have proven that they know what they're doing with this game.

Now that all the worry and held breath are stored back up into the closet, id Software left gamers with tons of reasons to be excited about the upcoming first-person shooter and this list here narrows it down to the top 6 reasons to be excited about Doom, which is due for release next year on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Open Level Design
One of the things I was hoping for dearly in the new Doom reboot was open level designs. The big problem with Doom 3 and Rage was that it felt like the actual shooting segments were cramped and tiny. Well, id Software completely threw the whole cramped and tiny concept out of the window by going back to what made the first two Dooms and their iconic expansion packs popular: open level designs.

There are still some segments where you're trudging through corridors, but the whole idea of being able to run around, blast things to pieces and maintain a measure of breathing room via your own movement and tactical choices helps give the game the kind of replayability that was such an integral part of the first two Doom games. With that said, it's nice to see a new first-person shooter not taking the Call of Duty route with the single-player level designs.

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