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The PC Master Race took a huge hit yesterday when it was revealed that the PC prepackaged hardware sales from retail vendors was down by 10% from the previous year. Well, today the news is a bit brighter for the Champions of Components, as more than 63% of gamers game on PC.

The Electronic Software Association released some new data to Dualshockers, indicating that the hardware drops are not correlative or indicative of a change in video game consumption on PC. This is probably startling and reassuring news to gamers who prefer gaming on the PC platform.

The images below speak volumes about the gaming trends, with the stats showing that console gaming reigns supreme, and while the peasants take majority of the share with a very impressive 68%, the poll also indicates that 63% of those same gamers also put some time into playing on PC. Smartphones have seen some growth but they still trail greatly behind PC and consoles, and handhelds follow just behind smartphones, probably just out the sheer number of smartphones on the market. The last item on the poll is for wireless devices, trickling down in last place. However, the real interesting part is where PC gamers are putting their time.

The thing that really sticks out is that only 19% of gamers are Facebook-types, the casual crusaders and the social soldiers. The rest seem to expand out over an expanse of genres and types, with the core segment taking 26% and the puzzle, board game, card game genre for older, more mature gamers, rounding out at 34%.

You can also see that the persistent titles only garner 14% of the market here in North America, which is probably a complete reverse number if we base the poll on results from South East Asia.

The establishment of gamers also ties in well with year-over-year revenue growth of the PC gaming market. While the hardware sales sometimes make it look as if the PC is on rocky terrain, the software market seems to tell a different story.

The reality is that it looks like PC gamers are established, safe and growing... in other words, your home is not in danger PC Master Race. You can go into sleep mode with no problems.

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