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One of the biggest surprises so far in 2009 was the fact that third-person shooter 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand did not turn out to be completely horrible. 50 Cent was pretty pleased about the final product and if he has his druthers, he'll make at least a couple more forays into gaming.

"I'm hoping we'll be able to do it," 50 said to MTV when asked if there would be a Blood on the Sand 2. "With the success of this actual project, we'll try to do it again."

He also adds that he wants "to be a part of designing and marketing a video game I'm not actually in. I talked to THQ" THQ published Blood on the Sand as well as the first two Saints Row games so 50 is probably talking about Saints Row 3 here. He optioned the film rights to Saints Row earlier this year so he's clearly got an interest in the franchise. Porn star Tera Patrick cut commercials for Saints Row 2 and actually starred in the game's recent downloadable content so it wouldn't be unprecedented for 50 Cent to be involved with the next game in some fashion.

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