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AMC’s The Walking Dead television series might still be a ways off from its next season, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until winter to get your fix of flesh-eating zombie scum. The Walking Dead Social Game, as odd as that name sounds, is officially open for beta play.

Available through Facebook, AMC The Walking Dead Social Game is all about surviving the zombie apocalypse with your friends.

Set in the same world as the hit television series it’s based on, The Walking Dead Social Game looks to offer everything you might expect out of the standard Facebook affair. You’ll need energy to do pretty much everything and, once you’ve run out, you have to wait until the cycle refreshes to keep on keeping on. You can, of course, purchase additional energy for a nominal fee.

That cost can carry over into in-game items, too. Playing Walking Dead will earn you funds to purchase weapons and various other survival aids, or you can bypass that entire process by simply throwing down a few Washingtons from your own wallet.

Only one major social interaction has been announced so far, which basically lets you kill your zombified Facebook friends. Doing so will give you the option to invite them into the game and, I’m guessing, net you both a nice reward for the effort. I only say this because that’s pretty much how all other Facebook games work and, at this point, nothing about The Walking Dead seems to be breaking the mold.

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