GamersFirst announced today that the retail edition of APB: Reloaded, which hits store shelves tomorrow, will include the game's highly anticipated Fight Club mode. The retail version of the game will also come jam packed with exclusive goodies and premium items.

Bjorn Book-Larsson, COO/CTO of GamersFirst and the head of Reloaded Productions commented in the press release, saying...
“Our developers and designers at Reloaded Productions have been working hard for months to create a series of new game play experiences that will let APB players take their custom characters and gear and use them in completely new ways,” ... “The first incarnation of the fight club game mode is a stepping stone to an expanded system that eventually includes bi-weekly fight club challenges and a whole series of new clan-focused activities and events, where clans can challenge each other in specific areas of the city, and set the parameters of their fights for clan supremacy.”

Ohh, it looks like G1 is aiming to rival Vogster with the whole clan territory thing just like in the game CrimeCraft. Nice one.

The Fight Club mode itself is basically a tighter-space, team-tactics version of the open-world game, enabling gamers to fight in new scenarios that focuses more on strategy and deathmatch skills rather than dumptruck trolls or some guy ghosting from a building across the street.

The retail rendition of APB: Reloaded will be available tomorrow for $19.99. This follows closely on the heels of the game's Steam release, which took place yesterday. In both releases of the game there are promo codes and premium items available to redeem if you hurry and pick up the retail or digital copy of the game, but the offer won't last forever so you'll need to work fast.

You can learn more about APB: Reloaded, which is an open-world, third-person shooter MMORPG that also happens to be free-to-play, by visiting the Official Website. You can check out screenshots of the Fight Club mode below.

Retail Edition Features:

• 30 days of account wide Premium service, providing players with faster reputation and experience gains, more in-game currency rewards and a 20 percent discount in the Armas Marketplace, APB Reloaded’s in-game cash shop.

• 500 G1 Credits, redeemable in the Armas Marketplace.

• A faction-specific Cisco Z180 sports car. This all-wheel drive vehicle provides players with a fast, maneuverable and durable ride especially designed for mission in the mean streets of San Paro.

• And the exclusive Magnum ACT-44 Last Stand secondary weapon, a powerful, permanent handgun with great stopping power available to all characters on the account

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