Rising Star Games announced today that pre-orders are currently available for their Japanese, arcade-action title Akai Katana, which is a bit of a throwback to classic Japanese arcade titles such as Sol-Divide and ESP Ra.De. The game is scheduled to launch for the Xbox 360 in two weeks.

Due out on May 15th for North American gamers and May 11th for Euro gamers, Akai Katana is a fast-paced arcade title for one or two players, the game uses some very beautifully rendered hand-animated artwork and Cave does a good job of keeping things seemingly "old-school" for fans of popular Japanese fly-and-gun arcade titles.

Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games commented about the upcoming release of Akai Katana, which sounds a little bit like John Romero's Daikatana, saying...
“Cave are world renowned for creating the biggest and best arcade shooters around, and we’re delighted to add Akai katana to that list, come May 11,” “No other arcade shooter offers the same explosive entertainment and wanton destruction as Akai Katana, and we can’t wait to let this lose on the public.”

No other arcade shooter except for maybe ESP Ra.De., but that's a compliment to Akai Katana because the former is easily one of my favorite scrolling arcade shooters out there, and marks itself as a one of kind with its unique characters and story.

Anyways, sporting two-player local co-op and a story generic enough to keep you engaged on all the countless sprites awaiting explosive destruction, Akai Katana aims to deliver nothing more than some old-school nostalgia for current-gen gamers.

You can look for the game to release at the $39.99 price-point. To learn more or to pre-order feel free to visit the Official Website.

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