Over the next few weeks picture packs and dashboard themes for Xbox Live will be released in association with Cave Interactive and Rising Star Game's Akai Katana. The first pack is already available right now, and the next one is due out next week.

There will be a total of four DLC Xbox Live themed packs to help expand and customize your dashboard experience. The second pack is set for release on May 14th a day before the game's official U.S. launch for the Xbox 360. From then on, two additional packs will be released thereafter subsequently spaced a week apart.

The game itself is a throwback to the so-called "bullet hell" arcade shooter, once very popular during the late 80s and early 90s at the arcades with games like Darius G, Eco-Fighters or Blazing Star, where gamers will blasts through levels using a number of sci-fi weaponry with anime inspired art-style, taking down countless enemies and facing off against massive baddies.

The game sports an intense single-player campaign along with an action-packed cooperative feature that allows two players to join forces and kick the living daylights out of everything that floods the screen begging to be riddled with countless digital bullets and destroyed in an eye-gasmic collaboration of explosions, sparkles and munitions-based fireworks.

You can look for Rising Star Game's Akai Katana to land on the Xbox 360 beginning next Tuesday or feel free to learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website. The dates and availability of the DLC theme packs can be viewed below.

• Theme pack 1 (240 MSP) - May 7
• Picture pack 1 (160 MSP) - May 14
• Theme pack 2 (240 MSP) - May 21
• Picture pack 2 (160 MSP) - May 28

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