While we're still hanging around seventh generation console era with nary an improvement in gameplay or graphics to our gaming experiences, some smaller companies are taking this time to experiment with their offerings and City Interactive's Alien Fear nearly looks like a next-generation FPS.

The new screenshots are supposedly in-game, but once you see them it's quite obvious that the shots are not from the Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network version. The consoles have been capped at certain kinds of visual fidelity for a while now and so it lends itself to basic logic that the following screenshots you're about to witness are from the PC version.

Alien Fear is about an elite space marine commando on a mission of sabotage while encountering fearless foes, nearly unstoppable forces and lots and lots and lots of explosions. The game is visually brought to life thanks to the developers utilizing Epic Games' top-notch Unreal Engine 3, this means that the graphics, for high-end PCs, will pretty much look and play in real-time the same way they appear in the screenshots below.

Even though the game is set for release this fall for home consoles and PC, it's probably going to be an obvious distinction between both games. However, if you're looking for a budget priced sci-fi shooter and you're not all that keen on laying down $60 for the game, then you can keep your eye on Alien Fear, which launches this October from City Interactive.

You can learn more about Alien Fear by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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