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Gearbox Software released a massive gameplay video from Aliens: Colonial Marines this weekend. It shows an uninterrupted, ten-minute stretch of footage from the game.

The video starts with a squad of marines investigated the ruined colony of Hadley's Hope. They're ambushed by xenomorphs and driven outside. Here they run into a new species of alien called the Crusher. The Crusher is sort of like a triceratops, with a wide, armored head. His hide is too thick for bullets to penetrate so the team runs for shelter.

The building they enter soon comes under attack. The player uses a pulse rifle and a placeable sentry turret to defend the lower level but soon the marines are overrun. The player flees to a vehicle bay with the few survivors. We see another marine using a power loader with a flame thrower tearing through aliens - will we get to do that too?

Colonial Marines will hit the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in Spring 2012.

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