Gearbox Software and Sega let loose a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines, detailing the multiplayer component of the game as well as the skills and abilities of the marines and the aliens. If you're familiar with Left 4 Dead then the trailer and gameplay will look very familiar to you.

One of the biggest concerns for Aliens: Colonial Marines following the E3 gameplay demo was that it looked and played out way too close to Call of Duty. It's a righteous concern given that Aliens couldn't be further from Call of Duty – one is supposed to be about running and gunning everything in your path while the other is all about building tension through a dark and brooding atmosphere. Well, Gearbox decided to “scale it back” a bit on the running-and-gunning and attempt to showcase more atmosphere from the multiplayer side of things with the following trailer, courtesy of our friends at AVP Galaxy.

I like what I see, but I guess I'm still stuck on the presentation of the movie setup by Cameron; I'm stuck on the idea that the atmosphere, whether in single or multiplayer, should tell the story and the action should be the culmination of exploration and hunter-prey tactics. But then again, in today's ADD stricken society, every big game has to be fast and furious and grabbing attention like some coked up Hollywood youth.

Still, the color grading and xenomorph designs look really good and Gearbox has at least paid a good amount of attention to detail in the set designs and weapons. How well this will translate into a replay-enduring shooter is anyone's guess, but the game is set for release on February 12th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with the Wii U version to follow thereafter.

Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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