New screenshots have emerged for the upcoming first-person shooter from Gearbox Software. The game has slowly been picking up steam and gathering up quite the following leading up to its release, and the additional screenshots basically help give the game a little extra fuel for the promotional fire. The shots are basically the full press shots from the latest Game Informer which featured scans of the game.

The screens look pretty good in still-form, and the aliens (or xenomorphs) look especially detailed. The only thing that the screenshots don't properly convey is the pacing of the game, which seems to lend itself closer to the Call of Duty play-style as opposed to the original Aliens Vs Predator from 1999 from Fox Interactive.

There's still a ways off from the game's release so hopefully Gearbox lays down a solid foundation to encapsulate the horror aspects of Aliens, given that the movies were a lot more horror sci-fi as opposed to fast-paced, arcade action.

Nevertheless, the screenshots look good for what it's worth but the verdict is still out on whether or not it can live up to the first three Alien films, which really set the standard for space-oriented, horror sci-fi. The screenshots come courtesy of our good buddies from Aliens Vs Predator Galaxy, which you can view below.

You can pre-order Aliens: Colonial Marines right now or learn more about the game by paying a visit to the >Official Website.

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