In one of the most memorable scenes from the film Aliens, a group of marines try to fend off an all-out assault by xenomorphs. Aliens: Colonial Marines players will be able to experience similarly tense moments through the Survivor mode.

In Survivor mode, four Marines mount a desperate last stand. They'll have to defend against endless waves of xenomorphs. The Marines can seal off doors and set up turrets in order to buy themselves additional time.

Meanwhile, four other players take on the role of xenomorphs. As seen in the Escape mode trailer, these xenomorphs are divided into distinct species with different abilities. While the Marines won't respawn, the xenos will do so indefinitely. A Survivor match is really just a question of how long the Marines players can survive, then.

There's no shortage of survival modes in the shooter market these days. Whether or not Colonial Marines' Survivor mode is a memorable entry in that crowded field will depend on how well executed it is. People can sneer about originality all they want, but if the game ends up being fun, does it really matter?

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