Subscribe To Aliens: Colonial Marines Viral Marketing Continues With Replica Pulse Rifle Updates
With about a week to go before E3 gets underway, the viral marketing for Aliens: Colonial Marines seems to be pressing forward. First there was the creepy baby doll heads sent in the mail and now there’s a replica Pulse Rifle that has emerged.

According to AvP Galaxy, Sega has sent out a life-sized, Nerf Pulse Rifle to the Official PlayStation Magazine – Australia. I’m just curious if the staff gets to keep the [rifle] and will there be more?

Anyway, this pre-E3 marketing is starting to look like something very, very legit will be unveiled soon and I’m hoping that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be demoed at this year’s E3 and not as an XBLA or PSN sub-game.

Thanks again to AvP Galaxy for tipping us off, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on any news or updates regarding the game.

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