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Aliens: Infestation Ties-In With Aliens: Colonial Marines Says Wayforward

After Sega got hold of the Aliens property they have been streamlining releases of games associated with the popular sci-fi franchise. The latest game to come out of the Sega publishing house featuring those face-hugging sons of guns is called Alien: Infestation for the Nintendo DS.

In a recent interview with AVP Galaxy, the developer behind the DS title, WayForward Games, answered a few community questions about Aliens: Infestation and in one question they explain how it all ties-in with Gearbox Software’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Jeff Pomegranate, the producer at Wayforward Games, explains how they worked closely with Gearbox in developing Alien: Infestation, saying…

The folks over at Gearbox provided loads of support. We worked very closely with them early on in order to keep some continuity between SKUs, and more or less maintained that level of collaboration throughout. They’re a very skilled and knowledgeable group and we really a lot of fun to work with. I’m not sure who else would send us a bunch of Shiner Bock as a signing bonus.

In regards to working on their game and collaborating stories between both games to hold some form of continuity and symmetry to the overall Aliens universe, game director, Adam Tierney commented in the interview, stating…

Infestation is a side-story to that of Colonial Marines. We share characters and plot lines between the two adventures, while focusing on different squads and missions. Players that pick up both titles will appreciate little nods in our game to Colonial Marines, but the story also holds up on its own.

Alien: Infestation will be a side-scrolling action game for the Nintendo DS set to arrive this fall, which features a number of familiar and new Alien species that both ties into and expands on the sci-fi fantasy mythos.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is expected to arrive next year in March for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U.

You can find out more about Alien: Infestation in the interview by heading on over to AvP Galaxy.

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