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Today Sega announced the release date for the first Aliens vs. Predator downloadable content. The Swarm Map Pack will be released on March 18th.

The 560 MS Points ($7) bundle adds four maps to the game's multiplayer. This content was previously exclusive to purchasers of AvP's special editions. The first two maps are usable for the Deathmatch, Predator Hunt, Infestation, Species Deathmatch, Mixed Species Deathmatch and Domination modes. The other two are for the Survivor matches.

Multiple modes
  • Docks: The caustic alkali waters of BG-386 put an end to Weyland-Yutani’s planned shipping activities.
  • Machine: As well as processing exotic ores, the BG-386 Refinery provided electrical power to the colonists at Freya’s Prospect.
Survivor mode
  • Outpost: The site of the original Weyland-Yutani colony on BG-386 was abandoned, and soon reclaimed by the planet’s voracious jungle plant life.
  • Hive: Deep in the heart of the Freya’s Prospect Refinery lays the Xenomorph Hive.

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