Alone In The Dark Designer Wants HD Remake

High-definition remakes of classic games are all the rage these days. Maybe Alone in the Dark will get its turn. Frédérick Raynal, who designed the original Alone, said during a GDC lecture that he'd love to see it happen.

Alone in the Dark, first released for the PC in 1992, is credited with kick-starting the survival horror genre. Players take on the role of a female or male protagonist investigating the mansion of a deceased artist. The mansion is filled with traps and monsters. Not all of these monsters can be killed and, besides, the players' ammunition was limited.

"You didn’t need, actually, a lot of munition," Raynal said (via Gamasutra). "It would make people more confident to have a big gun and everything. But if you read all the books, you have all the clues to kill the monsters… I really wanted to force the player to find other solutions [besides] brutal force."

With regards to an HD remake, Raynal simply said that he hopes it happens. He didn't announce that he's making one or that anyone else is. I suppose desire is the first step to any project, though.

The rights to Alone in the Dark currently reside with Atari. They made a current-gen Alone game in 2008 that earned pretty poor reviews. They haven't expressed any desire to make additional games. A remake of the original adventure game feels like a low-cost, low-risk way to resurrect the series, though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.