Among The Sleep, Horror Game That Stars A Toddler Is Now Available

Have you ever had that striking desire to take on the role of a miniature human being in a frightening ordeal that sees them taking on dangerous, otherworldly beings armed with nothing but pajamas and a creepy talking teddy bear? Well, you're in luck because the Kickstarted indie title from Krillbite Studios has recently launched for PC.

The game is currently available right now on Good Old Games, Steam and via the Humble Bundle store. So if you have some kind of averse phobia of picking up the game from the hallowed digital sanctuary known as Steam, you have options in which way you plan to flex your wallet's muscles.

But let's back the truck up, slam on the brake, put it in park, and step out for a moment and talk about what exactly is Among The Sleep.

The game came onto the scene last year during the spring, promising a brand new take on the horror-survival and adventure-exploration genre. How would things change and what did the developers have in mind to make this game stand out from the horde of Slender clones and pop-out scare-tactic titles flooding the market? Well, simple... make the game about a two-year old toddler and his talking teddy bear.

It didn't take long for gamers to fully Kickstart and fund Krillbite Studios' interesting new first-person horror title.

Players must traverse through dark and sometimes terrifying environments in order to face down against unknown and sometimes horrifying terrors. One of the strong gimmicks of the game is that players will spend a good portion of their time crawling around on all fours. The environment is also tuned for the rather low height of the toddler, so getting around common obstacles becomes a hefty challenge.

The game's unique art-style and visually pragmatic approach to playing as a toddler has been one of the high points of Among The Sleep's design direction and so far gamers are really digging what the game has to offer.

You can pick up the new title for $19.99, although if you get it on Steam you can grab it for 10% off the normal price for only $17.99.

It may be a niche title but it's still pretty awesome and I'm glad we have developers gaining success on Kickstarter in order to give digital birth to original and unique ideas.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.