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A few years ago at GDC, I demoed a game that rivaled other survival horror games in the genre. Among The Sleep was something that had never been done and it told a story in a way I had never seen before. Since then, the game has been released onto PS4, and announced for Xbox One. But now Krillbite Studios is saying the Xbox One release date might take a little longer.

Among The Sleep released onto PS4 on December 8, so fans have already gotten their paws on it who own that console. But those who only have an Xbox One might have to wait. In a Tweet from Krillbite Studios, they mention why the Xbox One version is being delayed.

Among The Sleep tells the story of survival in a horror setting through the eyes of a toddler. And because everything feels scarier and more distorted when you’re young, you also get to experience that distortion in the game. Limitations in gameplay are controlled by the age of the child, so the short height causes you to find other ways to open doors, but that’s just one example. It’s a clever game with stunning sound design, something that is so important in horror games. Check out the trailer below.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we find out more information. Until then, you can head over to Steam to download the PC version of the game while you wait for the Xbox One release.

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