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Sega announced today that multiplayer beat 'em up Anarchy Reigns pre-order customers will receive a special "Day One" Edition of the game. This edition will unlock Bayonetta as a playable character.

Bayonetta was the main character in a previous game by Anarchy dev Platinum Games. She's a bespectacled witch with a bee hive haircut. She can use her hair to perform devastating magical attacks. She's also armed with four pistols that she can fire with her hands and feet.

The "Day One" Edition also includes access to two multiplayer game modes. Mad Survival tasks a team of three players with surviving against waves of enemies. There's one catch, though: these enemies are other playable characters. In Dogfight matches, each player hangs from a helicopter and tries to shoot their opponents from the sky.

Sega will only be offering the Day One Edition in Europe. Sega will soon reveal how gamers outside of Europe can get access to this content.