New information has come to light explaining more about what Anonymous was planning to do to Sony had they not backed down from SOPA. It appears that the group had no plans of ever attacking the PlayStation Network again, and instead were aiming to "deface" the company and the executives.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle the group no longer had plans to take down the PlayStation Network again, which caused Sony millions of dollars earlier last year as well as a real heart-ache to PSN users.

As PS LifeStyle brings out, there was a deep rooted discussion within a sub-section of Anonymous about bringing down the PS Network, to which the heads agreed that such a thing would not happen and that attacking Sony for siding with SOPA would not include touching the PlayStation Network (apparently they love getting their game-on with Uncharted 3's multiplayer and didn't want to lose any of those recent trophies they acquired. It's all right, we feel you.)

What's more is that apparently Anonymous wanted to instead hit Sony where it could actually hurt: public imaging. They apparently had plans to deface the Sony websites and distribute many of the songs under the Sony labels for free directly through the defaced Sony websites. How humiliating would that have been?

Apparently the group is only moving forward with potentially targeting Sony's execs and the websites, but PSN is off the buffet for now. Wipe your foreheads clean of sweat and take a sigh of relief PS3 fanboys, your system is safe...for now.

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