One of the really cool parts about Army of Two: Devil's Cartel is the weapon customization, giving gamers all sorts of neat ways to modify and customize their weapons to their liking. Well, another cool customization feature that's making an appearance in the third game in the AoT franchise is mask customization.

Now gamer will not only be able to deck out the weapon of their choice in the way that they see fit, but there's now the option to add a bit of personality and originality to the mask(s) that you wear throughout the game, including multiplayer. Check it out below.

The game is already looking like a must-buy for the dude-bro gamers who love playing co-op games with friends, and taking on hordes of bad guys with over-the-top violence and enough explosions to make the Expendables movies look like they're playing with match sticks.

A few more additional gameplay elements include an improved melee/close-quarters-combat mechanic, so players are encouraged to get close and get violent, with some grisly results coming out of the aftermath of such encounters.

The game is set for release on March 26th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can pre-order the game now or learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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