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Electronic Arts released a new trailer for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel focusing on one of the game's most beloved features: split-screen gameplay. The two player cooperative action has been retained and will be making a return to form when the game launches on March 26th later this year.

Army of Two is basically a balls-to-the-walls action title that takes the dude-bro mentality and then doubles it. You have tons of customizable guns, lots of team-focused abilities that really relies on teamwork and cooperative play, as well as plenty of destruction and mayhem to boot. You can check the game out in action with the new promo trailer featuring a few pro skateboarders participating in some split-screen mayhem.

It was hard to get a feel for the game from that little tidbit of cooperative gameplay. There are a few upsides I noticed: The physics look sick and the way that car was deconstructing under constant fire was legit. This is all thanks to the Frostbite 2.0 engine, which handles deconstruction and demolition like a pro. The character damage and limb dismemberment was a nice addition as well. Oh yeah, and the tag-team melee moves looked sweet.

The downside however is that the shooting from the player characters looked kind of stiff, again it's tough to judge properly from the video but it didn't look like during the run-and-gun segment there was a lot of recoil to the weapons, which made the game look like something out of 2002. Hopefully we get to see a more polished trailer featuring smooth, non-ADD gameplay footage where the gun mechanics and character reactions are on better display.

You can look for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel to launch this March for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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