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Way back in March, there was a rumor that Assassin's Creed 3 would support four-player cooperative play. Today at Comic Con, Ubisoft revealed that the game will in fact have a co-op mode called Wolf Pack.

Wolf Pack matches support 2-4 players. The team must work together to assassinate 25 waves (or "sequences") of A.I. targets. You'll have a time limit for each round, and it'll be shorter and shorter as you get to the higher waves. Enemies will try to stop you using decoys, lookouts, and more.

Mechanics wise, the co-op functions similarly to the competitive multiplayer from previous games. You'll be able to detect targets using a radar. Bonus XP will be doled out for particularly skillful or stealthy skills. For example, if you and your friends assassinate multiple targets at the same time, you'll earn a big pile of XP.

The assassin-versus-assassin competitive play will presumably return as well. If so, I think the co-op serves as a good supplement. The competitive modes have a pretty harsh learning curve for newbies so co-op will help you learn the basic mechanics before even you set foot in a deathmatch.

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