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Today the Assassin's Creed 3 DLC campaign The Tyranny of King Washington will reach its conclusion. Ubisoft is releasing the third and final episode, entitled "Redemption," on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Tyranny of King Washington depicts an alternate history in which George Washington didn't become the United States' first president. Instead, he was corrupted by a Piece of Eden and decided to rule the new country as king. Ratonhnhaké:ton must travel to New York and learn another beast power. Then, he'll storm Washington's fortress and put an end to his reign.

All three episodes of Tyranny, along with two other DLC packs, are included in the $29.99 Season Pass. Individual episodes of Tyranny can be purchased for 640 Microsoft Points or $8.

Ubisoft also announced the PS3 and Wii U release dates for "Redemption" today. PS3 gamers will be able to purchase the content tomorrow. Wii U gamers will have to wait until May 16th.