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Though the upcoming "Da Vinci Disappearance" downloadable content for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood adds a new single-player adventure, it's also got a lot of new multiplayer content. A new trailer highlights the additions to the game's online component.

The DLC brings four new playable characters for multiplayer: the Dama Rossa, the Knight, the Marquis and the Pariah. The new faces are joined by a new location, Alhambra. This map is set in Spain's Albaicin of Granada, an multileveled environment with a mix of outdoor and indoor locations.

Alhambra and older maps will be playable in two new modes, Escort and Assassinate. Escort has one team of four trying to assassinate a designated member of the other team while the other tries to protect their VIP. Assassinate is a ten-minute deathmatch for 6-8 players.

"Da Vinci Disappearance" will be available through Xbox Live and PSN in early March for 800 MS Points ($10). The PC version of Brotherhood, also coming this month, will include "Da Vinci" and other DLC for no additional charge.