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One confusing thing about Assassin's Creed II was that, unlike its predecessor, it didn't allow players to replay completed missions. Could we see the feature added to the game in a patch, though?

"Eventually maybe we'll come out with some way to do it somehow," said AC2 creative director Patrice Desilets in a sprawling Kotaku interview about the game's development process. Ubisoft originally planned to include mission replay in the final game but it was cut from the game. They didn't think they'd be able to test it properly and still stick to the game's planned release date.

Desilets managed to use the words "eventually", "somehow" and "maybe" when talking about replay. As Bubbles would say, he's "equivocatin' like a motherfucker." Therefore, don't get your hopes up. Ubisoft's making two pieces of DLC for the game currently so it seems like they're more concerned with generating new content than with giving players the means to redo the old content. That's probably in line with players' interests.

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