Atomic Ninjas is heading to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this summer, offering frantic battle arena gameplay that requires players to out-think one another rather than rely on your usual assortment of weapons. Also, did I mention you play as ninjas? That's rad.

Coming from the fine folks at Grip Games, Atomic Ninjas is described as a “multiplayer action platformer” with a 2.5D perspective and massive arenas full of deadly devices. Players control super-charged ninjas against other players or bots, relying on traditional platforming and shooting mechanics, as well as a couple of nifty switsts.

The biggest difference between Atomic Ninjas and other melee style games is that the players cannot kill one another directly. Instead, you'll need to use the environment to your advantage, utilizing any number of the game's devious traps to finish off your unsuspecting foes. The game boasts seven arenas, each packed with killing machines and obstacles perfect for ending your opponents' life. According to a statement from Grip, Atomic Ninjas “is not just about twitch reflexes, but also about malevolent creativity, playfulness and exploring the game's possibilities.” I read that as “find new and fun ways to murderize everyone!”

Multiple game modes will be available, though Grip hasn't gone into any detail on what said modes might be. There's also various super powers to equip as you battle in single player missions or couch/online multiplayer. There's also a cross play feature, meaning you can upload your save to the cloud from either the PS3 or Vita and continue your progress on the other console.

Look for Atomic Ninjas to hit the PlayStation Network later this summer. Until then, you can find more info at the game's official website.

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