Awesomenauts, the downloadable Massive Online Battle Arena game, has cranked the awesome-meter one notch higher, offering two new playable characters and a slew of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks in the latest update for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live players, all for free.

After launching a couple of months ago, Awesomenauts has earned the love of many-a strategy game fanatic thanks to its unique blend of colorful and lighthearted aesthetics and deep, 3-on-3 gameplay. Players pick a goofy character, select their favorite offensive, defensive and support abilities, then jump into a match that sees everyone battling robots, turrets and one another in order to blow up the opposing team’s space drill.

The core game goes for $9.99 on PSN or 800 MP on XBLA, but the newest update, which went live on both consoles today, is 100 percent free. Along with a bunch of balance tweaks and connectivity fixes, the main draw of today’s update are the two new characters.

First up is space surfer Coco Nebulon. Along with being the first female character in the game, the folks at Ronimo say she will be an asset to any team thanks to her “psycho-electric melee abilities, lightning trails and detonatable lighting ball.” Derpl Zork, however, apparently has an IQ somewhere near the level of plankton. Thankfully the guy is also hooked up to a multipurpose mech, so expect his lack of brains to be far overshadowed by his abundance of brawn.

As I said, the update is available now, so if you’re an Awesomenauts faithful you should stop reading this and go download it with a quickness.

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