Awesomenauts Full Digital Guide Available For iOS, Android

A new digital guide has become fully available for gamers looking to get a good understanding of the game mechanics, characters and all the ins and outs of learning how to become a legitimate awesomenaut at Awesomenauts. The app is available right now for both iPhone and Android users, so there's no mobile discrimination to worry about when using the app.

The app itself comes courtesy of our pals at XBLA Fans, with site owner Ben Fisher stating...

“We are pleased to announce the first of many officially licensed mobile guides for XBLA,”... “Our goal was to create a customized version of our already popular Awesomenauts guide in a format that could be accessed easily while playing the game. We’ve updated the information present and will continue to update it with any future changes to the XBLA version of Awesomenauts.”

Being officially licensed means that this wasn't some back alley deal that went down involving a small plastic bag and a fistful of dollars. Ronimo standing behind the guide means that you're getting a fully endorsed guide for the game that contains legit info from start to finish.

What's more is that the game was actually played through and through by XBLA Fan's staff. So the added bonus is that it's real gamers providing actual, 100% born and raised information from first-hand gameplay experience. It's none of that manufactured stuff from clone press sheets or that nasty gloop from third-party middlemen who staple and tape together info from various other, less reputable sources.

You can pick up the app right now for your iPhone or your Android phone. Just head on over to the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.