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It's expected that a remake will look better than the original game. However, Beamdog isn't content to simply update the graphics of Baldur's Gate and call it a day. They're adding new content as well.

"So far we have announced one new potential party member. He comes with a class which is new to Baldur's Gate and a story-based adventure which integrates into the existing Baldur's Gate story. We've also announced a new adventure which exists outside the Bhaalspawn story and should be a lot of fun to play," Beamdog's Trent Oster told Neogamr.

Oster added that they'll be introducing new classes and kits. They're hoping to make it easier for the community to "create and distribute content as well." Does that mean we'll get some sort of adventure editor with the game as well?

The team has several graphical improvements in mind for the game. The user interface will support much higher resolutions than the original. Players will have the ability to zoom in and out in the middle of combat as well. Oster also mentions that they're investigating "upscaling algorithms" that might help improve the quality of the original art assets.

"We are still experimenting with the game and testing out various ideas on how we can further improve the existing content, but we also took the feedback from MDK2 HD to heart and are focusing our content creation efforts on creating new content, not just prettying up content you have already played through."

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will arrive this summer on the PC, Mac, and iPad.

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