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Gearbox Software's upcoming cooperative shooter that isn't Borderlands but still starts with the letter 'B' will be commencing into beta testing soon. Beta invites are reportedly going out to those who are eligible and that means anyone who signed up for Gearbox's Shift may have a beta invitation.

Destructoid is reporting that beta invites are currently going out to those who have registered for Gearbox's Shift, a service that started for Borderlands 2 when they were handing out free shift keys for the golden boxes scattered around Pandora.

According to Destructoid the sign-ups are going out to select individuals who have signed up for the Shift service and there's an NDA to sign, so it means non-disclosure of any of the material contained therein. We've seen some people leaking all kinds of stuff out of plenty of closed beta tests. Just recently some gamers had a field day throwing up videos of the 2015 reboot of Need For Speed, where they posted footage of the car customization, the racing, the damage models and plenty of the city.

Don't expect the Battleborn beta to go down quietly, considering that a lot of people will be curious to see what the game will look and play like in a real-time environment and that's usually what happens during a beta.

The recommended system specs were also made available considering that the beta for Battleborn will take place on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can check out the specs below.

OS: Windows 7 x64-Bit or Later
Processor: Intel Core2 Extreme CPU Q6850/ AMD A8-3870k (Quad Core CPU’s)
Memory: 6 GB
Hard Disk Space: 70 GB free
Video Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: AMD HD 7700/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better, PhysX support
Sound: DirectX 11 Compliant

Those are very doable. The game is a complete far cry from the specs that DICE and Electronic Arts rolled out for Star Wars: Battlefront, which required some very high-end hardware. The specs above – especially for recommended settings – are really low. Well, technically the GPU is nearly equivalent to what's in the Xbox One. And the RAM is a lot lower than expected as well, given that both the PS4 and Xbox One use 8GB of shared memory (although the PS4's is GDDR5 while the Xbox One's is DDR3). What is kind of high on the chart is the game's hard disk requirement... 70GB? That's a lot of space. It makes you wonder why the game is so big? Even GTA V on PC was only 60GB by comparison.

It's possible that the game could have lots and lots of talking and that usually zaps memory like crazy. And given that the CPU requirements are pretty low I doubt that the memory is going to go into any kind of really complex geometry or physics.

There's no specific date on when the beta will get underway for Battleborn but it's expected to start “soon”. I imagine sometime between now and February 9th when the game launches. You can learn more by going to the game's official website.

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