DICE rolled out the first in-game footage for Battlefield 3: Aftermath this morning. Aftermath, the fourth expansion pack, will be arriving across all platforms after Thanksgiving.

All of the maps in this expansion pack are set in post-earthquake Iran. Players will battle it out throughout ruined cities. Hopefully the cities aren't too ruined - blowing up buildings is half the fun of BF3, after all. Players will have modified vehicles and a new crossbow at their disposal in these maps.

Aftermath's maps can be played in all of the modes from the base game. The DLC also provides a Scavenger mode that gives each player a grenade, a knife and a sidearm on spawn. They must then search the map for other, more powerful weapons in order to emerge victorious.

PS3 gamers with a Battlefield 3 Premium membership will get this new content on November 27th. Xbox 360 and PC Premium members will receive it on December 4th. The PS3 non-Premium launch will occur on December 11th, followed by the Xbox 360/PC non-Premium launch on December 18th.

As usual, the expansion is free if you bought Premium membership. Otherwise, you'll have to cough up $14.99.

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