Battlefield 3's latest expansion End Game will mark the return of Air Superiority mode. A new trailer introduces the mode to those of you who never played Battlefield 1943.

In Air Superiority, every player pilots their own jet. The objective is to take control of the map's airspace. You do that by having more planes in the air than your opponent. The way you accomplish that is by shooting down enemy jets or maybe just crashing less.

The BF 1943 incarnation of Air Superiority treated the sky as one big control point. This trailer shows that the BF3 version will split the map's airspace into multiple points. That makes sense, given how large BF3 maps are.

Air Superiority is one of many new pieces of content included in End Game. The expansion, due in March, will also add Capture the Flag, four maps, and several new vehicles.

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