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DICE has released new information on Battlefield 3's End Game expansion today. The new batch of screenshots, video and details focus on the dirt bikes that the expansion will bring.

Each of the four new maps included in End Game features. The jumps look different on each map. "Operation Riverside," for example, has metal ramps propped up by dirt piles. Kiasar Railroad, meanwhile, has more subtle jumps concealed by the landscape. Players will have to explore the maps in order to find all of the jumps.

"Creating a well-designed and successful jump requires more than just making a bump in the ground or adding a random ramp to a prop," said QA Analyst Malin von Matern on the Battlefield Blog. "To create a jump that works as intended, you need to make sure you work with the physics engine in the right way, almost like when building a jump in real life. If the jump is too long or too steep you will lose speed and possibly fail the jump, or the jump will simply become dull and forgettable. Make the jump too flat and it will likewise lose its edge."

Dirt bikes fit with End Game's overall emphasis on fast-paced action. They're going to be an ideal for the new Capture the Flag mode. The player on the backseat of the dirt bike can fire their weapon freely, which should result in many high-speed shoot-outs.

End Game will launch in March. Battlefield 3 Premium members will be able to access the expansion two weeks early.