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Weapon customization has become a big thing in gaming lately. Given that shooters don’t really offer much of anything else, it’s at least a good thing that some (not all) shooters offer players the ability to modify and customize their gun the way they see fit.

In the latest BattleBlog at the official Battlefield 3 blog-site, there’s a detailed run-through of some of the different weapons in the game as well as the weapon customization and how players will be able to mod their guns.

There will be more than 50 different weapon types to choose from, scattered amongst various soldier classes, there will also be three weapon modification slots per weapon. Mods will be unlocked for the weapon as players level that weapon up. So if you’re keen on using an M4 all the time you’ll unlock new mods for the M4. Sounds about right…right?

Some of the mods for the guns include foregrips, dot sights, underslung grenade launchers, underslung shotguns, suppressors for the barrel, flashlights and even bipods. Some of you might be wondering what a flashlight would be for, but remember Battlefield 3 is running on the Frostbite 2.0 and lighting plays a big factor when you’re underground or if you shoot out the lights in an enclosed space, so whoever has a flashlight has a big advantage on those who don’t…in particular situations, of course.

This definitely makes me inclined even more to want to play the game, because I really am a sucker for weapon customization. You can read the entire blog post detailing the weapons and customization over at the Official Battlefield 3 Blog.