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EA knows that they can't be a one-trick pony when it comes to promoting different games for varying demographics. For instance, the Michael Bay trailer may (or may not) have worked for Need for Speed: The Run, because the game catered itself mostly toward the young 14-year old male who likes explosions, sexy women and fast cars. For Battlefield 3 EA went a different route by getting an indie film maker to put together a commercial for their very popular first-person shooter.

The commercial surfaced on Ripten, and is put together by Freddy Wong and indie special FX team, Corridor Digital. You can check out the funny yet true-to-game mentality trailer for Battlefield 3 below.

DICE has been promising bigger and better destruction for the game in future updates, giving explosive enthusiasts more to look forward to when it comes to slapping some C4 on an object and using it blow up another, bigger object. The commercial trailer above just kind of reiterates that promise.

You can look for the commercial to air on whatever channel caters to the 18-34 male demographic or you can check out more of Freddy Wong videos on Youtube.

If you're unsure whether Battlefield 3 is worth the $60 plunge, feel free to check out the Gaming Blend Review to see if the game fits your gaming tastes.