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Electronic Arts released a new trailer for Battlefield 4. While the game is still undergoing extensive testing and preparation for release this October, the company wanted gamers to get a small taste of that Ultra. Oh yeah, some nice, lathered up gameplay dipped in that oh-so-sexy Ultra setting, exclusive to the PC Master Race.

Now, if you don't mind the ashy, unkept nature of low and medium settings, you can settle for a copy on current generation hardware, which has proven to become a laughing stock in the media circles. Don't worry, we don't judge... but it doesn't mean we don't snicker either.

For those of you going for the med-to-high settings on next-generation game consoles, you can attest to having authority over your current-generation brethren; bragging about the next step in Levolution, talking up the shader quality and the dynamic physics-effects. Oh, it's all good on the next-generation front, but you'll still be missing out on some of that sweet, sweet, PC Master Race loving.

In the upper bracket of gaming, the top-end level of interactive entertainment, the pinnacle of prestige and the elegance of elitism, the PC Master Race sits on the mountaintop of digital zion, experiencing things that only the lowly of low gamers can witness through the filtered and gauzy haze of YouTube. Lo and behold, if your stream can muster the weight, the 1080p greatness of PC gaming.

The video is pretty cut and dry and to the point: you see melee, you see shooting, you see sniping and you get to see that oh-so-lovely Levolution in play.

If the above video wasn't enough to tantalize your anticipation taste-buds for the next generation of modern warfare, don't fret. DICE understands your addiction to all things greatness, and they know that Battlefield 4 hits that sweet spot between realism and Hollywood blockbuster over-indulgence. So because you crave it, because you need it, DICE is delivering it. Lo and behold, yet again, another trailer for Battlefield 4.

So there you have it. Two sleek trailers to make you forget about some other call to arms, or the rally of duty, or whatever it's called. If you still need a fix for this next-gen taste of gaming goodness, feel free to check out the official website to see more media assets.

The game is set for release this fall for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and, of course, the king of kings, top of the crop and master of visual manifestation, the PC.

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