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Battlefield 4 Videos Feature Skyscraper Tsunami, Urban Helicopter Maneuvers

The big new feature of Battlefield 4 is called Levolution. The main thing is that it allows levels to be totaled in brand new ways; some are scripted others are completely left up to the player's thirst for destruction. The newest video from the alpha build of Battlefield 4 shows what happens when a skyscraper takes a dive into the water.

Behind Games posted up some of the alpha footage of the game featuring various multiplayer scenarios from the upcoming first-person shooter, and one of the other videos outside of seeing the skyscraper create a bit of a messy-underwear moment for whoever it was manning that boat, another video gave gamers a very snazzy look at the helicopter maneuverability, in which we get to see how the Apache weaves up and down and around throughout the urban concrete jungle. Check it out below.

If you thought that was all, you would be dead wrong and would have to respawn from being dead wrong.

The last video is a bit of a detective story about whether or not the guy playing was being bombarded by a C-130 gunship or if he was being suppressed by mortar fire. It's an interesting little video that gives die-hard fans a little bit of fodder for the forums in the realm of discussion. However, I already know the answer to the question but I'll let you watch the video first.

Now, if you remember correctly the gunship fires way too slow to rain down that kind of consistent and intermittent firepower. That's not to mention that in Battlefield 4 players don't get to control the gunship, as it's AI piloted. So after shooting down a barrage of explosives in a single area it seems unlikely that they could consistently get another barrage of fire off in that way within the exact same area since the plane keeps a steady pace of moving around the map. Hence, it makes it rather difficult to shell-spam an area if your target reticule is always on the move. In short, it was probably mortar fire.

Anyway, Battlefield 4 is set for release this October for current generation consoles as well as next-gen consoles and PC. There are a few pre-order DLC packages available, and if you're not keen on them I would suggest you avoid paying for them, but if you need to learn more feel free to visit the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.