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EA reported the financial results of their 2010 fiscal year today. Two of the best bright spots in the past year were entries in DICE's Battlefield series.

Battlefield 1943, released digitally for the Xbox 360 and PS3 last summer, racked up 1.5 million in sales. This makes it the best-selling download-only game on both PSN and Xbox Live. Gamer's hunger for a full-fledged BF game was even stronger, as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has sold five million since its release in March.

BF:BC2 is one of five EA games to sell more than four million copies in the 2010 fiscal year, which ended on March 31st. The other four are FIFA 10, Madden NFL 10, The Sims 3, Need for Speed: Shift. All those other games have been on the market far longer than BC2, though, which arrived in the first week of March.

The strong sales and reviews for both of DICE's releases this fiscal year have been noticed by EA. They've put the studio to work on the multiplayer portion of the upcoming Medal of Honor reboot.